Organizational Theory

Bess and Dee (2012) wrote that "organizational theory is an eclectic field, drawing on many other fields, mostly in the basic social sciences such as psychology, sociology, and economics" (p. 10). Organizational theory can be useful in that it is designed to allow institutions to "identify patterns, engage in reflection, think systemically, analyze problems and take action effectively" (p. 10).

Officially, organizational theory can be defined as a group of related concepts which are part of a larger integrated framework which is can be used to predict or explain issues within an organization (Strauss& Corbin, as cited in Bess & Dee, 2012). Organizational theory is governed by three primary fields of thought including the positivism paradigm, the social constructionism paradigm and the postmodernism paradigm, all of which has influenced organizational leadership, practices and research (Bess & Dee, 2012).

Table of ContentsEdit

1.  Organizational Theory

2.  Paradigms of Understanding College and University Organization

3.  General and Social Systems Theory

4.  Organizational Environments

5.  Conceptual Models of Organizational Design

6.  Bureaucratic Model

7.  Organizational Roles

8.  Motivation in the Higher Education Workplace

9.  Human Relations Theory

10.  Organizational Culture

11.  Conflict Theory

12.  Organizational Determinants of Power

13.  Participation Theories

14.  Individual Decision Making

15.  Organizational Learning

16.  Organizational Strategy

17.  Organizational Goals, Effectiveness, and Efficiency

18.  OrganizationalChangeinHigherEducation

19.  Leadership

20.  Essentials of Defining Organizational Culture

21.  Academic Work and Institutional Culture: Constructing Knowledge

22.  Social Integrationist Theory

23.  Organizational Socialization in Higher Education

24.  Models of Minority College Going and Retention

25.  Governance and Communication

27.  Academic Theories of Shared Governance

28.  References

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