HIAD 8401 – Meyer WIKI Assignment

Tierney, Chapter 4: Academic Work and Institutional Culture:

Constructing Knowledge

Lloyd Smith

I. Title of Chapter 4: Academic Work and Institutional Culture: Constructing Knowledge

II. Main Author and Editor: William G. Tierney Who is Tierney:




William Tierney

This is William G. Tierney, the author of our text.


III. References for further understanding of theory or construct:

·       YouTube Video -

Article References:


· ·


IV. Tierney empirically researched through a qualitative critical ethnography study of seven Christian Universities to “investigate the curriculum in higher education from a cultural perspective,” (2008, p 48). Attempting to understand the construction of knowledge between Christian Universities and two other types of higher education institutions; those being the classics college and the cutting-edge college. This comparison researched how knowledge was generated (or constructed), conceived, and disseminated through curricula at the different institutions. Tierney used the disciplinary view, where the discipline in primary in curricula development to construct knowledge, and the cultural view of knowledge generation by using social construction methods that affects the institutional culture. The culture and academic disciplines are constantly evolving; therefore the construction of knowledge within higher education he posits also must evolve. Tierney discovered in his research that there is a “fragmentation that exists about what counts as knowledge,” and is shaped by institutional culture and ideology (2008, p 61).

Main Reference Text: 

Tierney, W.G. (2008). Chapter 4: academic work and institutional culture: constructing

knowledge. In Tierney, W.G. (Ed), the impact of culture on organizational decision

making: theory and practice in higher education (p p 47-64). Sterling, VA: Stylus.

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