·         Modernist View on Socialization:

o   Definitions of Socialization: The successful understanding and integration of culture by new members of the organization. Also known as the process by which individuals attain the knowledge, skill, attitudes, beliefs, values, and habits they will need to live within their social circles.

§  Resource:

 Austin, A. E. & McDaniels, M. (2006). Preparing the professoriate of the future:

Graduate student socialization for faculty roles. Higher Education, 397-456.

o   Definitions of Culture:  The symbolic and instrumental activities that are within an organization that have shared meaning among the members. Also known as the all the activities in the organization.  

§  Two Viewpoints of Culture:       

·         No culture is better than the next, they are just different.

·         Find abnormal cultures and repair them.

§  Resource:

Tierney, W. G. & Rhoads, R. A. (1993). Enhancing Promotion, Tenure and  

Beyond: Faculty Socialization as a Cultural Process. ASHE-ERIC Higher Education Report No. 6.

·         Postmodern View on Socialization:

o   Definition of Socialization: An interactive process in which new members of the organization analyze the organization based on their own backgrounds and the organization’s current principles.

§  Resource:

Tierney, W. G., & Bensimon, E. M. (1996). Promotion and tenure: Community

and socialization in academe. SUNY Press.

o   Definition of Culture:  The collection of the hope and dreams of what the organization could be in the eyes’ of the organization’s members.

§  Resource:

Hawkins, P. (1997). Organizational culture: sailing between evangelism and

complexity. Human Relations, 50(4), 417-440.

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